Impact Living Services provides comprehensive supportive services for 17 to 21-year-old foster youth. Impact promotes interdependence as a core belief in helping youth achieve their educational, vocational, and financial goals. Interdependence is an idea of “mutual dependence between things” such as community, friends, staff, DSS, and counselors. Youth are most successful when they achieve lifelong permanency through these various avenues. 

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Essential Independent Living Services we provide:

  • On-site supervision for all campuses.
  • Ring alarm systems are used at each site for the security of the apartment and youth, and can be accessed by all Impact Staff.
  • On-call support and services 24 hours a day, including holidays and weekends.
  • Social workers and localities will receive detailed and comprehensive case management logs monthly and upon request to keep track of service plans, transitional goals, employment and school progress, counseling treatment, and medication management.
  • Financial management services help youth budget, save, and track their finances. 
  • Impact is excited to partner alongside parenting youth in need of independent living services. Parenting youth will receive their own apartment with the furnishings they need for themselves and their child(ren), and will not be asked to share their apartment with a roommate.