Foster Care



Our Difference

-We believe that outcomes start with intentionality.

-We believe that all youth, foster families and staff all thrive when they are heard, respected, supported and included. 

-We believe that the status quo is not acceptable.

-We have gathered the best professionals who are creative and passionate about changing outcomes for children and teens in foster care.

-We believe in equipping and training (for staff and foster parents) that is meaningful, individualized and ongoing. 


Our Mission

To provide the best experience possible for those involved in the foster care system.

Primarily the children and teens whos lives will be forever shaped by their experiences within the child welfare system. 


Our Promise

Comprehensive case management to provide comprehensive support to the entire foster family, which may include:

-Support hours for each youth that may include life coaching, IL coaching, tutoring, mentoring, family coaching and family counseling in the home.

-Use of volunteers to meet additional needs identified by the foster family.

-Utilize an Independent Living skills curriculum for older youth.

-Active engagement with birth family. 

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What is Treatment Foster Care? 

Treatment foster care is the temporary placement of youth with specially trained foster families who receive additional support (including financial support) to work with youth who have emotional or behavioral issues or medical issues. 


What types of families are we looking for?

Impact is looking for families that want to make an impact on children and youth in foster care. You can be married or single, widowed or divorced. You may have parenting experience or you may not. We need families that will provide a secure base for children and help provide independent living skills for older youth. We are simply looking for real families that want to make a real difference in a vulnerable childs life. 


Who do we serve?

We serve children and teens differently. Our program for children stresses the importance of creating a secure base and healthy attachments. Our program for teens emphasizes learning independent living skills and putting them to practice to better ready youth to one day live independently.  Children and teens living in foster homes often have multiple foster home placements because the foster family does not receive mindful, individualized support from their foster care agency. Impact believes in heavily reinforcing this support to improve those outcomes. 


Where do we serve?

We have offices in Lynchburg, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, and Richmond, but are looking for foster families and referrals from all surrounding cities and counties.


Give us a call at 1-833-936-7837