Truancy intervention

A step in the right direction


Our School Truancy Elimination Program (STEP) is designed to work with identified truant youth, the family, and the school to provide intervention or prevention services to aid in addressing the underlying concerns related to the truancy.

STEP Counselors have specialized training and experience in youth services and offer structured, strength-based support services for the purpose of addressing specific skills needs. with the ultimate goal of eliminating truancy concerns.

Under the guidelines of an Individualized Service Plan (ISP), STEP Counselors engage youth in therapeutically intentional activities, skills related development training, work to strengthen positive experiences within the family unit,and bridge the gap between the school and the family.

STEP Includes:

-Truancy Intervention Specialist/Counselor to aid the youth in resolving the underlying issues leading to truancy.
-Daily contact with the school and/or family
-Family Counselor to work with the family and/or the youth in the home setting.
-Agency collaboration for the development of Individualized Service Plans
-Skills development training
-Character Development and Fitness Program (optional)