Life Skills Coaching


Life Skills Coaching: Life skills coaches may work with individuals of any age, but are designed to be most effective with persons 14 and older.  The skills they teach will depend on the age and circumstances of the client.  Life skills coaches teach clients how to manage everyday tasks to help them gain independence and move forward in life.  Life skills coaches work one-on-one or in small groups to help students or clients with unique challenges to develop and manage basic life skills.  The coach demonstrates knowledge in the area of instruction and holds at least a bachelor’s degree in a human services related field or at least two years of applicable experience.  Life skills coaching services are designed to be highly individualized based on the needs of the client, with ongoing clinical oversight.  Documentation for life skills coaching services includes daily progress notes and monthly progress reports. Clients may be residing in a foster placement, university, or may have housing in the community.  

Frequency of services will be determined by level of need with collaboration of social worker or locality, and may include the following:

  • 1 on 1 case management services. 

  • Independent Living skills building and coaching. 

  • Assistance in developing established professionalism and marketable skills in the workplace.  

  • Housing and financial management services.  

  • Assistance in understanding how to properly maintain and operate youth’s vehicle.  

  • If applicable, assistance and support with youth and their child such as but not limited to: parenting skills, daycare provider assistance, appropriate use of infant-specific equipment, nutritional support and assistance in registering parent for CPR and First Aid certified training.  

  • Assistance with FAFSA, financial aid, financial verification and academic support.  

  • Collaboration with other professionals such as but not limited to: counselors, psychologists, physicians, professors and employment supervisors.  

  • Detailed reports provided to social worker or locality on a regular basis and upon request.  

Identified Needs & Goals: ILS will utilize any established treatment or service plan and corresponding goals to direct services. ILS will assist youth in utilizing the CASEY Life Skills Assessment in order to identify strengths, needs, and goals.  Results will drive the life skills coaching process. The following life domains are typical focus points:

  • Permanency

  • Daily Living

  • Self-Care

  • Relationships and Communication

  • Housing and Money Management

  • Work and Study Life

  • Career and Education Planning

  • Looking Forward