Youth do best when placed with kin, including fictive kin.

Research supports this claim and Impact Living Services believes in it as well. Kinship is a preferred option because it is the least restrictive and most family-like out-of-home placement for children, and those in kinship care environments have fewer disruptions and overall better permanency outcomes than those in nonfamilial placements. However, they often face unique and complex challenges due to the sudden responsibility of caring for a child/ or children.

Kinship Connect is a service designed to provide tailored and comprehensive casework activities that are beyond the scope of regular case management services, to empower kinship families to meet the complex needs of the children in their care and promote positive outcomes for both the children and their caregivers.

Kinship Connect promotes the child’s well-being, preserves family connections, maintains cultural continuity, enhances stability, and improves outcomes for children in out-of-home care.

Impact provides kinship services to youth who are placed with relatives or fictive kin.  Those youth may be placed as part of a safety plan or as part of a longer-term placement.  The youth may or may not be in the custody of the department of social services.

Impact Living services provides expertly trained case managers in assisting Kinship families with their complex needs.

Services Include:

• Family Assessment & Service Planning

• Support Network & Community Resources

• Family Engagement & Dynamics

• Parent Education & Training

• Coordination of Services

• Communication Skills

• Emergency Crisis Services

• Supervised Visitation

• Home Visits & Assessment of Progress