Intensive Family Services

Intensive Family Services (IFS) offers intensive, home-based crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, case management activities, and life-skills education for families with minors (under the age of 18) identified as at risk of placement outside of his/her home. The goals of IFS are to prevent unnecessary out-of-home placement of children through time-limited on-site intervention, and to equip families the necessary skills to prevent the need for more intensive intervention services.

 IFS are characterized by small caseloads, 24-hour on-call staff availability, and an array of services primarily in the family’s home or in another familiar environment to the family.


Key Components

  • Intensive level Intervention 

    • Experienced therapists (primarily master’s level and/or licensed eligible therapists) meet families at their greatest level of need in their natural environment in a timely manner sufficient to address the immediate needs of the family.  

  • Treatment in the natural setting

    • Services take place in the client’s home or other identified environment to best resolve the identified issues and family needs.  The setting in which services take place are based on the strategic planning between the therapists and the family and which best meets the individual and family needs.

  • Accessibility and responsiveness

    • Therapists are on call to their clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Families are given as much time as they need, when they need it. This accessibility also allows close monitoring of potentially dangerous situations.

  • Flexibility

    • Services are provided when and where the clients wish. Therapists provide a wide range of services, from helping clients meet the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, to the most sophisticated therapeutic techniques.

  • Small caseloads

    • Therapists typically only maintain 3 to 5 cases at a time. This allows for an enhanced level of attention and accessibility to the families served, thus allowing for more immediate intervention and an intensive level of treatment based on the ongoing needs of the family.   

  • Intensity

    • Services are time-limited and concentrated in a period targeted 90 day intervention reviews. The service is designed to resolve the immediate need, and teach the skills necessary for the family to remain together. 

  • Research-based techniques and interventions

    • Therapists utilize a range of research-based interventions and counseling techniques, including crisis intervention, motivational interviewing, parent education, trauma-informed therapy, skill building, and cognitive/behavioral therapy.