Bridging the Gaps


iConnect is life coaching with purpose. iConnect was originally developed in 2016  under the name Kids’ Connections, out of an idea to target life coaching for children. As the business concept evolved, the need for life coaching for a variety of ages became apparent.
In 2017, under Impact Living Services, iConnect was formed. iConnect helps bridge the gap between individuals of all ages and their goals. iConnect does not bill insurance, so the variety of needs, goals and methods for obtaining them is completely individualized.
iConnect is composed of three sub-categories. Kids’ Connections serves children from preschool through middle school.  Teen Connect serves adolescents and young adults. ConnectU services college age and beyond.
What makes iConnect unlike any service in this area is the focus on an individual’s connections. One of the basic human needs is the desire to have control over our lives. That need is as fundamental as shelter or food, and it starts from a young age. iConnect helps individuals turn weaknesses into strengths and dreams into obtainable goals while promoting the importance of connections.
Whether it is something as basic as keeping a bedroom clean, finding a summer job, or more complex such as navigating resources available in the classroom to figuring out the financial aid requirements for college, iConnect can help.